Sunday, May 2, 2010

BELLY FAT CURE 30 Day Boot Camp

I've decided to approach this plan like a 30 day challenge. I plan to stay on plan for 30 days, no excuses. Then I would like to maintain it for ongoing weight loss & disease prevention. As far as exercise, currently I'm doing an aerobics/strength class with Body & Soul, which I'll continue. I may include more exercise?

Why do this? Well other than my doctor telling me to lose weight, I would like to fit comfortably in my clothes again, to shop & buy something off the rack & know it'll look good on me without having to try it on only to return later because nothing seems to fit "right" anymore. If I'm totally honest...summer is quickly approaching...shorts, summer dresses, bathing suits, etc.

The Belly Fat Cure is a carb swap program, limiting sugar to 15 grams and carbs to 6 servings of carbs per day. It definitely takes discipline, but there are substitutes for almost anything you'd want to eat, like swapping a tortilla for thick pizza dough. I think the subs are substantial enough to fill the craving, without totally jumping ship and ending up at the bottom of a container of chocolate chip cookie dough. For an intro to the plan, check out this: .

I'll leave you with this staggering stat:
Every extra 2 inches around your waist lowers life expectancy up to 17%.
-The New England Journal of Medicine


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