Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crazy Update

On a personal level my life is pretty crazy right Dad & Step-mom are fighting for their life battling stage 4 lung cancer.  My husband lost his mom to lung cancer a few years ago & it's a horrific disease.  I almost don't recognize my father now & he's so weak & tired it just breaks my heart.  It seems like I could deal with him having the disease & going thriough treatment, but seeing his life slip away slowly, believe me I was NOT prepared for, but I guess who is?  You know.  Last week his doctor wanted him hospitalized in a rehabilitation type of facility because he's not drinking or eating much.  Today he's going in for a scan & when the doctor sees him I know he'll want to hospitalize him.  He's not comfortable being away from Trudy, my step-mom, & I think it would probably be the last straw.  Anyway she starts chemo today, her 1st treatment, so I hope she reacts O.K. with it.  On a positive note, my daughter started 2nd grade today...she was so excited.

So that's my, huh?

I started out writing this on's Wednesday.  He went for the scan on Monday.  I should know more on that today.  Anyway, back to the BFC.  I've gotta stick with it this time.  With all of the health issues in my family right now, I feel a strong desire to do something positive & healthy.

I'm going grocery shopping today to stock up on BFC items.  I saw this recipe for chia pudding I think I'll try it ...looks yummy.  Have y'all tried any of Jorge's new italian recipes?  I thought the chicken/spinach/cheese & the pasta one looked tasty.

Love to all of my BFC friends - It feels great to be back.


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