Monday, April 16, 2012

Silent No More

Hi Everyone!  Man it's been way too long...I have so much to say, but it's so late here, 1 a.m.  I've really been coasting with my weight loss, but lately have a new resolve and determination.  My goal is to be less than 150 by the end of the month.  My weight has been bouncing between 150 - 158 for months and I'm now ready to take a stand!

...Life has been so busy and crazy.  I didn't plan to take a blogging hiatus, between school, work, and being a mom, my passion to blog has taken a back seat.  Sorry about my absence, but I'm back now.  I'll try to post regularly, whatever is on my heart at the time.  Posts maybe short...

It feels great to be back...I can't do this without our blogging community.  Seriously, my weight loss stopped when I stopped blogging.  I've missed you.  Can't wait to catch up.

Clinging to this....

Talk to y'all soon.



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