Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crazy Update

On a personal level my life is pretty crazy right Dad & Step-mom are fighting for their life battling stage 4 lung cancer.  My husband lost his mom to lung cancer a few years ago & it's a horrific disease.  I almost don't recognize my father now & he's so weak & tired it just breaks my heart.  It seems like I could deal with him having the disease & going thriough treatment, but seeing his life slip away slowly, believe me I was NOT prepared for, but I guess who is?  You know.  Last week his doctor wanted him hospitalized in a rehabilitation type of facility because he's not drinking or eating much.  Today he's going in for a scan & when the doctor sees him I know he'll want to hospitalize him.  He's not comfortable being away from Trudy, my step-mom, & I think it would probably be the last straw.  Anyway she starts chemo today, her 1st treatment, so I hope she reacts O.K. with it.  On a positive note, my daughter started 2nd grade today...she was so excited.

So that's my, huh?

I started out writing this on's Wednesday.  He went for the scan on Monday.  I should know more on that today.  Anyway, back to the BFC.  I've gotta stick with it this time.  With all of the health issues in my family right now, I feel a strong desire to do something positive & healthy.

I'm going grocery shopping today to stock up on BFC items.  I saw this recipe for chia pudding I think I'll try it ...looks yummy.  Have y'all tried any of Jorge's new italian recipes?  I thought the chicken/spinach/cheese & the pasta one looked tasty.

Love to all of my BFC friends - It feels great to be back.


  1. HI Cat, I am so sorry to hear about you dad and step mom. I hope they are comfortable. You know my dad just died in January so I understand.
    You can still do the BFC even thru tuff times. I have not tried the Italian recipes yet, but I will let you know when I do.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Hi Cat. I think this may be the first post of yours that I saw. I am a new blogger, and although I have been a fan of the belly fat cure for over a year, I haven't really followed it to well to lose the weight. I keep trying and now with all my new blogger friends and the great posts I read, I think I will be successful. I'm sorry to hear about all the sad things going on with your family. I hope your Dad is made as comfortable as possible. It must be hard to keep your mind on other things with all this going on. I hope things improve for him and your step-mom.

  3. Cat I'm sending you love during this very difficult time. My Mom just passed away from Alzheimers, another cruel and devasting disease. Take care and know your sisters in BFC are here for you to support you any way we can..



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