Thursday, October 21, 2010

Failure. Hope.

I keep thinking that everyday I'll blog about how great my day has been, how well I've done on the BFC.  Well that great day just never comes.  So I decided to try something else here...blogging 1st to help keep me accountable.  Over the past few days I've noticed once I cheat & it's always mid-afternoon, even one bite leads to more & more & more.  Then it's like low sugar doesn't even matter...once I have that little taste I can't get enough.  Like a friend of mine says, "one bite is too much & NEVER ENOUGH!" Also once I cheat I stop food journaling, like it doesn't matter if I don't write it down.  So today the goal is to journal every single bite!  I can do that!  I've also decided to fix BFC friendly shake about 3 pm today.  They always fill me up.

Well I'm off...going walking/running...need to get this day off to the right start.

Here's to hope & a great BFC day!

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