Saturday, October 23, 2010

FT Day 1

I think day 1 went relatively well, not perfect though & that's O.K. by me. I took the kids to a fall festival at our preschool's church. The kids had a blast. The dinner was a pig pickin' and the dinner plate came with pork, baked beans, coleslaw, hush puppies. I ate the pork with half of the coleslaw. The coleslaw was so NOT FT friendly as it contained carrots & definitely sugar. It was so sweet. Since this is a lifestyle & not a quick fix I was O.K. with eating some coleslaw. I rejoiced in the fact that I didn't consume hush puppies, baked beans, sweet tea, or any of the many delicious looking sweet treats common at every church function.

Then I came home and made these delicious FT approved belly good sweet treat. I did taste a little while I was making them. Then after they cooled I only ate one. I couldn't believe it was relatively easy to eat just one. Maybe there is something to this sugar is addictive thing. If they had contained sugar I would have probably eaten them all. Really.

It was REALLY DIFFICULT not to snack last night, but I didn't. Yay! Woo-hoo! Like Rosalie says you have to want weight loss really bad.  I wanted to stick with the plan more than I wanted to snack.

I'm actually excited about the fast track. I love that I can choose from a list of tracking required. I'm really not sure how long I'll do FT. I decided, instead of binging, if I'm really craving something I'll have it & just make sure I don't go over a s/c value of 5/2 for the meal.

Here's a video of the cutest little ballerina at fall festival, so happens to be my littlest one :).

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  1. Great job on not over doing it. It is hard when all that tempting food is around. You are right it does depend on how much we are wanting this. Loved the little video of your daughter she is so cute and a great little dancer.

  2. Geez those look good! You can do this Cat! I know you really want it and have the will to do it. Just dont be too hard on yourself and take one meal or day at a time!



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