Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I know I've been absent far too long.  During my blogging absence nothing noteworthy has been happening in my weight loss endeavors, so I haven't felt like blogging anything.  I think if I had blogged the whole time I would have been back on track long before now.

Right now I'm doing a 21 day cleanse with Kris Carr, found here. I ordered a juicer, which came yesterday, a Breville compact model.  This cleanse seems a lot like Kathy Freston's cleanse, if you're familiar with her, with an alkaline twist.  I have to avoid eating all animal products, junk food, anything refined, gluten, & refined sugar.  She also recommends drinking (liquid sunshine)/ eating lots of green veggies.  That's where the juicer comes in...trying only to consume juices in the morning, then whole food gluten free vegan for the remainder of the day.

I've been so surprised at how difficult this has been emotionally, that is.  I expected I would crave meat/cheese/butter, really rich food.  I actually haven't at's the junk (chips, crackers, etc.) causing serious cravings.  Anyway today is day I continue along. Kris Carr eats this way all of the time...have no idea how!

 Morning bug juice (cucumber, celery, romaine, apple, lemon)!
BLECH!  Actually it's not THAT terrible, but not really tasty either.  I did find a way that's pallatable for me though.  I poured some in a juice glass & added lots of ice.  

Gotta go fix lunch for the fam...will check in later tonight.

peace & veggies out,


  1. Hi Cat,

    Wow, that sounds like it would be hard to stick with for 21 days. I'm sure all those veggies will be great for your body though.

    Also, I left a reply for you on my blog. I would love to hear back from you about your thyroid issues.

  2. I love Kathy Freston's planand ideas. One day I will go vegan too... but one huge time at a change! ;-)

  3. Hi, Cat, how are you doing. I have an update for you.

    Here's the new address for my blog...

    I decided that I don't want BFC forever linked to my blog. I left an update on my current post, which is not showing in the dashboard for some reason, but it's there.

  4. Cat,

    I figured out that you'll need to re-follow my blog with the new address in order for you to see updates in your dashboard.



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