Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Excuses. Period.

Same old story...wandering around wondering what diet I should do...all while eating every unhealthy, sugary food in sight.  Because after all, I'm starting my diet in the morning & I'll never be able to eat X again, so I might as well get my FILL of it now.  Lies. Lies. Lies.  I keep coming back to the BFC.    What makes it so great is it's flexibility to various eating styles.  I have been flip flopping back & forth between vegetarian & omnivore.  Here's the awesome part...either one can be done on this program!!!  How cool is that.

For the rest of the month of December (starting today, day 1)  I'm keeping a food log & posting it on this blog.  Please keep me accountable.  I may be posting several times a day at first...seems to help me stay on track.

I can do this.  I've done much harder things...thyroid cancer seems to ring a bell.  This is easy compared to that.

My motivation:
  • feeling sexy again!  Woo-hoo!  
  • fitting in those size 4 jeans in my dresser draw.  I know that may seem small to some people, but I'm 5'3" with a small frame so I think this is very doable.
  • more energy to run & play with my kids (& my hubby, wink, wink ;) )
  • to be here for my 2 beautiful girls
  • having the energy to keep a clean, tidy house
  • sleeping better
  • healthier
  • going clothes shopping & purchasing an item knowing it will look nice!
  • cardio & strength health
  • the feeling, I can do anything!
My goals:
  • maintaining a weight of 115-120
  • fitness:  run a mile (without stopping), perform a cart wheel & a back bend (bridge), perform 20 regular push-ups (not girlie style)
That's all for now.

Happy BFC'n.  :)


  1. Hi Cat...maybe you should just do the straight BFC, no vegetarian or omnivore(one thing at a time). Believe me, i've been on every diet possible. I've been doing this since Feb. and have lost 41 pounds. I started at 208 and am now 166.9. It is a slow but healthy weight loss. I made my mind up and this was it, i've never committed to anything this long in my life!!! I like to eat and this is the ONLY way that i can eat a lot and still lose weight. You absolutely have to cleanse yourself of sugar and sugar substitutes or it won't work. I was sick withdrawing for about 2 weeks and almost gave up, but loved what i could eat. What saved me is his ice cream recipe. After a period of time you actually eat what your body needs, you eat what makes you happy and you don't think about food ever again. This is how i feel after 9 months. I binged all the time before this, but when you get to eat great food, your whole perspective toward food changes, especially the cravings. I can help you Cat, so if you have any questions, let me know, we all can help you. Give it one month...first get organized and prepared, go grocery shopping, make a plan. As far as exercise, i didn't do it right away(one thing at a time) because i knew i couldn't handle that too!! I do things i enjoy for exercise like walking the dog or yard work, if it seems like something i have to do, i won't do it! Sorry this is so long but if i can help anyone with this WOE, i will, it has changed my life!! You can do this...Happy Eating!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HI Cat, I agree with Lisa. You must commit 100% to the BFC and It will work for you. YOU CAN DO THIS! Rosalie

  3. Cat I am trying to follow your blog - but it won't let me. I will try again tomorrow.

  4. I can't follow either, Rosalie, i'll check back tomorrow.

  5. Thanks Lisa & Rosalie. I really do feel like I CAN do this. I'm proud of my eating yesterday. I'm planning to do an update today. I have a cold today & normally I would eat every comfort food in sight, but instead I'm going to concentrate on the food portion of BFC since I don't feel like exercising. With 2 young kids I do have a normal amount of movement though :).

  6. Hi Cat, your family's picture is beautiful. I think your husband, and your two girls look like they will be great supports as you begin to lose your weight. Believe me even they will get a lot out of the BFC lifestyle as you begin to discover ways to give up the old choices, and create new ones that will taste even better. When you say, you'll never be able to eat X (sugar)again, so you might as well get your fill now; trust me, you will learn to pick different items that satisfy those cravings, and won't put on fat! You're girls won't have to go w/o brownie's, ice cream (as Lisa said), drk chocolate and neither will you! Keep reading all these amazing women's blogs and you will reach all your goals! We stand in the kitchen with you, even if we're miles away!



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