Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a struggle!

I really needed to hear this message today.  I never really realized how addicted I am to certain foods until I had to give them up.  I really is about denying myself hour, by hour.  Today was a struggle, but I'm not giving up. 


  1. I hear ya Cat! I see it more and more as addiction myself. But that helps me understand the hold that these foods have on me. Keep up the good work, dont let it get the best of you!

  2. So where I am right now! Btw, I got Candace's book at the library this week...thanks for suggesting it. You don't have your email enabled on your blog, so I wasn't able to reply to your comment, so I'll thank you here for popping in my blog and encouraging me!!
    If you'd like, you can email me at michelle@sew-krafty.com :)

  3. Thanks Michelle. I hope you like the book. It definitely made a difference in my life. Have a great day.



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