Saturday, May 7, 2011

Recommitting TODAY!

After seeing Amber's May Weight Loss Challenge I'm deciding to recommit to the BFC .  Lately I've been considering different programs from Weight Watchers to low fat vegan.  I've even looked at the Dukan Diet with all of the recent press it's received with the Royal Wedding and all, but all protein days are NOT for me!  That's just CRAZY (for me).  I am curious though, have any of you tried the Dukan diet?  I am going to be leaning towards less meat on the BFC.  I'll try to post those kind of meals. 

Is anyone else doing Amber's May weight loss challenge?  Maybe we can encourage each other.  Please friend me on Facebook at the link to the right ---> or follow me on twitter.  Just send me a message on Twitter that your a BFC friend & I'll follow you 2!


  1. Hi, it is great to hear that you recommitting to the BFC. It has done wonders for me. Have a great day :-)

  2. I am sticking with the BFC but need to recommit to it 100%. It is to easy to slack off a bit. But I have tried several diets and the BFC has been the easiest for me to stick to.

  3. That is great Cat! You can do this!! We both can!



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