Monday, November 8, 2010

As a cancer survivor I have to believe this is a healthy program, not just a weight loss program.  I mean, take chemo & lose weight, but it's definitely not healthy.  I've been praying to be directed to best lifestyle for me.  I knew I needed one I could maintain for the long haul.  I think I've found it in the BFC.  I may do some tweaking along the way, but not now.  I just watched this video by Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life and lots of the lifestyle changes Dr. David Servan-Schreiber recommends fit nicely with the BFC.  It's a long video, but SO worth watching!  Please watch it & forward to love ones.

He states within the video the number one risk factor for cancer - OBESITY. That's me, OBESE! As a cancer survivor whose also a wife and mother, that's not smart.

From now on when I want to cheat, I'm going to wait 15 minutes, do another activity, anything. Believe me with a household & 2 small children it's not hard to come up with something to do. If I still want to cheat, I'm going to write down why. Maybe this will help me face whatever it is that causes this self sabotage. As Oprah says, it's not really about the food. I also quite ofter think about a YouTube video I saw a while back. She quoted Dr. Phil as saying & I'm paraphrasing here, if you're fat you want to be fat. You're getting something positive from it. Here's her video:

I went to the doctor today for a checkup. I knew it was coming...about 5 minutes into the appointment. "Oh Catherine, you were 151, then 158, then 162, then 170, then 174. Now you're 180. Are you happy with that?" Ummm, NO. He was very supportive of low carb. I really didn't feel like going into the BFC...I mean it's just words... I need action.


  1. Hi Cat,

    Wow, thyroid cancer? Did you have to have your thyroid removed? How does this affect your weight loss efforts? Thyroid disease runs in my family. My mom had to have her thyroid removed several years ago. I'm hoping that I can keep myself healthy enough that I don't need to have mine removed in the future. I have two nodules which they have been keeping a close eye on with ultra sounds every 6 months. One thing I noticed the first time I took gluten out of my diet was how much the swelling in my thyroid went down. After just one month off of gluten the swelling in my thyroid went down 1 1/2 inches! Anyhow, I hope that you can figure out what works for you so that you can give yourself the best chance at being healthy for the future. Are you still going to post what you eat, or is that feeling daunting to you?

    How is your Dad doing? Sorry to hear about him having cancer.

  2. Hi Cat,
    I agree that obesity is probably the factor to many things. I guess maybe - before it was easier to be fat than to try harder to be better.
    I know you are going to do well with this. Have faith in yourself and just keep pushing forward and don't look back. :-)



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