Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 1 of sticking with it even if I mess up

Thanks for the comments.  I love our blog community...it's awesome :)!  Minichick, my cancer started as nodules.  My endocrinologist ended up doing a fine needle biopsy because my nodule was large (about the size of an egg, they said).  The result was inconclusive.  So they recommended getting that side of the thyroid removed.  Now everything was really positive because only 1% of those with nodules end up with thyroid cancer & lots of people have nodules.  The plan was to take half out during surgery, have pathology test the nodule for cancer.  If no cancer was detected they would leave the other half, which could produce all of the thyroid hormones I would need.  The results were benign, so they stitched me up leaving the other half.  Well when the final pathology report came back the following week, cancer was detected. So a few days later I had the other half removed.  Fun, huh!...2 major surgeries within 8 days.  The hardest part was waiting about a month to find out if it had metastasized. All I could think about was my then 4 year & 1 year old.  I ended up having to do a low iodine diet, radioactive iodine treatment, then a scan after the treatment that scans for thyroid cells.  If any cells are detected in other parts of the body it has metastasized. The result - no metastasis!!!  I've had follow up ultrasounds & blood test since then (2years) & no sign of cancer has been detected.  I just have to take synthroid now.  I definitely feel SO BLESSED.  This is the number 1 increasing cancer among women, so I'm always encouraging everyone to have their necks checked by their doctor! This cancer is about 98% curable if diagnosed early. 

Thanks for the encouragement Rosalie.  You're such an inspiration.  I know I can do it, no matter how long it takes. I love the idea of not looking back.  I'll try that.

I've decided to blog my food for a while.  I need all of the accountability I can get ;).

Breakfast was a new concoction.  I usually have peanut butter oatmeal, but today I tried it with blueberries.
  oatmeal, blueberries, cinnamon, butter, sun crystals = s/c value 5/2

After watching the anti-cancer video I decided to include more anti-oxidants. I like the peanut butter variety better, but it was good for a change.

Happy BFC'n.


  1. Wow! If I remember right, my doctor said that if the nodules grow to 1 cm or more that is when they biopsy it. How scary. I hope I never have to go down that road. I'm glad you're okay now.

    The peanut butter oatmeal sounds good. I'll have to try that. Usually I just do the standard butter and truvia, which I like, but peanut butter sounds delish!

  2. Thanks Minichick! I LOVE peanut butter in my oatmeal...seems so indulgent. Love this diet.

  3. That does sound good! Cat, you're living proof of strength and courage. This is really the best way to go, stay strong and happy eating!

  4. Mmmm...I tried the peanut butter oatmeal and it was so good. Thanks for the idea.



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