Saturday, January 7, 2012

Do You Want It?

In the last few weeks I'd lost my vigor for this lifestyle, and my "draw a line in the sand" healthy attitude had all but disappeared. Even my weight had started creeping up, but don't worry I'm not abandoning ship, and my weight is now creeping back down.  For me to lose weight it has to be a passionate belief in a way of living, eating, and exercising, or I can't be successful.  I have to believe in it to my core, and have clear guidelines to adhere to or I become tossed about like a ship in the ocean.  One of the main keys to my success, especially in the beginning was limiting starches in the evening.  In the last 6 weeks I've been experimenting with other things, which left me without clear structure in the evenings, and open to old patterns of behavior, the same ones that resulted in a weight of 190 pounds.

So now, what's a girl to do?  I could just give up.  If you read this blog regularly, you know that is not going to happen!  Or I could recommit to this lifestyle with newly defined objectives and goals, with a clear action plan of how to achieve them.  I also realize I need an updated definition of "why".  When I'm face to face with temptation, what's going to keep me out of that cookie jar at 11 P.M. when no one else is watching. The "why" can stop you in your tracks and make all of your dreams come true.  So for the sake of being transparent, I thought I'd just define all of these right here for all of my friends to see.

Why will I stay committed to living a healthy lifestyle?
  • To live a long and healthy life with great quality of life
  • To be a great role model for my 2 girls
  • To be an inspiration and help for others to achieve a healthy life
  • To feel great
  • To have increased self confidence 
  • To be a Hot Mama (just being honest) and feel sexy :)

Action Plan:
  • Take responsibility and love myself enough to achieve it
  • Base meals around protein, fruits, and vegetables (plant or animal protein)
  • No/low starch after 3 P.M. 
  • Eat often with a goal of every 3 hours
  • No eating after 8 P.M. (For some this step won't matter, but for me late night eating is a big stumbling block!)
  • If I fall short of these steps, don't give up, and recommit to this plan immediately
  • Exercise 5 days per week: weight training, cardio, fitness classes
Do you want it?  I KNOW I do!  Now I know why and how to get it.  

If your weight loss has stalled, I recommend defining "your" why and how.  It just may be the extra little push needed to stick with your plan.  

Thanks for the support, it helps me more than you know.

Take care,

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  1. Hi, Cat. I've been reading and internalizing the information from French Women Don't Get Fat to help me with the mental aspect of this whole issue. It really can be hard to stay focused if you don't get your relationship right with food.

  2. Cat, something I used to do to make sure that I didn't eat late was to take my thyroid pill before bed. I knew I was supposed to be taking it on an empty tummy so if I had eaten something later than dinner, it wouldn't be empty. Just a thought! (thank you for your advice)
    I will keep up the exercise and I am thinking of branching out and getting back to some weights. I am going to be 55 in 3 official senior...and I would like to have a butt or nice biceps! Either, both would be nice!
    I love your blog, you have a lot of good insight!

  3. Yes I want it! I think your action plan if very do-able, except maybe the exercise. Maybe if I was younger that would be more appealing to me. But I admire those that can do it!

  4. I admit, one of my goals is also to be a 'hot mama'. Nothing wrong with that!! :)

  5. Hi Cat. Taking a breather and trying to catch up a bit on some of the blogs. I like your plan. We all slip and fall, but it's how we handle it that matters. Hugs from me to you.

  6. Hey Kat, such a great blog. I have been thinking much of the same things. So this year is the year I want to figure out me! Why do I tend do fall of the wagon jump back on and fall off again. Why cant I keep to a healthy lifestyle. I want it and I will figure out how to get it. Thanks for all your great positive blogs.

  7. I couldnt agree more! You must havea "Why" is your driving force to get you where you are going! I love your reasons & holy cow, what a difference in your before & after pictures!!!!!!
    You have done great things in a short period of time and I KNOW that you will get to where you want to be. You have the "want"power, and that is what matters the most!
    Have a great day!!!!

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