Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sickness Abounds

What a craaa-zy sick week this has been.  Our household, me included, has been struck with this awful stomach virus, flu thing that's just been awful.  Thankfully I'm feeling much better this afternoon, since I have to run the hardware store tomorrow.

On a positive note between healthy eating and surviving a stomach bug, I think I'll have weight loss to report on Monday! ....silver lining, you know.

In my blogging absence just wanted you to know I haven't fallen off the wagon into a big pan of brownies or anything ;).

I'll resume regular posting tomorrow night, assuming the last well person in the house is not sick by then...fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh, yuck! I hope you feel better quickly.

  2. I dislike this time of the year, mostly for the sickies! Get better soon!

  3. I hear ya girl! I am dealing with a nasty cold. No flu thank goodness! Hope your house gets better soon!

  4. It's so sad to see our family sick...and us trying to care for them while we feel cruddy too.
    Keep taking care-

  5. Sorry you are all so sick. I hope you all recover and feel better soon :-)

  6. Sorry you sick I hope you feel better soon. It is that time of year for the nasty bug to hit.

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