Saturday, December 17, 2011

It Was So Worth It!

After working this morning in the hardware store and driving back to the city, I decided to go to the mall.  Yes the mall, on this busy weekend before Christmas.

This was me sitting at a standstill in the parking deck.  It took about 30 minutes to find a parking space!  Was it worth it battling the crowds today to get an awesome pair of shoes?  Yes.  Yes it was!

I have something special I'm doing on Monday and wanted to make sure I look my best.  My motto has always been to dress for the job you aspire to, not necessarily for the one you're currently working.  I did that right after college when I started working as a teller in a financial institution.  Instead of dressing in the normal khakis and knit shirt, I dressed like our manager: suits, dresses, dress pants, blouses.  You get the idea.  It didn't take long, less than a year actually, until I was part of the management team.  It took more than dressing the part, but I think it got upper management's attention and was definitely part of the reason for the promotion.

Now for the exciting part, YEA!  I think this is what I'm going to wear on Monday:  red seamed shift dress from Loft.  This dress looks a lot more fitted on me, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Also looks much longer on me, than on the 6 foot model.  Now I can't decide what shoes to wear.  What do you think?

Tell me:

Should I wear these?
I had to go down 1/2 size!  I guess my feet have lost weight too!  I thought these made more of a statement paired with the red dress, very uptown and cool!

Or these?
On a fashion level I like the animal print, but I think the black Mary Jane's are more sexy and cut low enough to allow some of your toes to peep out.  Is that called toe cleavage? I'm kind of leaning towards the Mary Jane's.  Especially with such a classic dress, a classic shoe just nails it.  I'd like to know your thoughts though. What do you think?  For all of you men out there I know which ones you'll pick!

I have several options for jewelry.  Notice how nothing matches exactly.  I like it that way.


Or this:

O.K. I think the second set wins hands down.  It just pops against the red.  You can NEVER go wrong with bling! ;)

While I was shopping today, if I saw something that caught my eye, I tried it on.  One thing in particular just made my day!  It made me reflect on this weight loss journey (shocking, I know!).  The one thing was this shirt:

It made me feel pretty, feminine, curvy, and sexy.  Before this journey I didn't feel like any of those things and now I do!  Feeling this way is FAR more valuable and gratifying and worth whatever sacrifice it took to get here.  The sacrifice is SO WORTH IT!  And the workouts are fun! 

After shopping it was easy to stick with eating a healthy meal because these feelings motivated me to eat healthy, so I can continue to feel pretty, feminine, curvy, and sexy!  I love this lifestyle.  It's not deprivation, not all, it's a life of abundance!

Are you living a life of abundance?  If not, you can too.  Just make the decision to change to a healthy balanced lifestyle and DON'T look back.  Your life will never be the same!

Goodnight everyone.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. You look great! I don't know if I commented on your video blog? Well if I didn't, it was so cute! I love your accent. I had family in Georgia and Florida that talked like you do.
    Good luck with whatever you are doing on Monday. I kind of like the top shoes, they seem daring.
    Blessings, K

  2. Very cute! My shoe preference would be the Mary Jane's.

  3. What a great victory at the mall! It is so important to find things like that along the way that show you how far you've come and make you feel great! So awesome! I love the print shoes! It depends on the 'thing' that you have to do, I guess. The company that you'll be keeping. That dress would be longer on me too. :) Have a good day!

  4. HI Cat, well you know me anything with an animal print or purple. So I say the leopard shoes definitely with the last necklace and the top earrings and ring.
    You will look so hot - take a picture. :-)

  5. I vote for the Mary Janes, but I'm probably too late to count! Whatever you end of choosing, I'm sure it will look great. Let us know!

  6. Hey Cat! Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I definitely think I'm eating too many calories, especially for weight loss. I'm trying to find that 'sweet spot' in maintenance where I don't have to be so strict with myself, but it's a hard road to get there, many bumps along the way. :) I am definitely looking at tweaking some things in the upcoming month, just not quite sure how far yet. :) But what I'm doing now isn't quite doing what I need it to. Have a great day!

  7. Thanks for the votes y'all! I'll definitely have someone take a picture.

  8. def the animal print sis.

  9. O.K., animal print it is. Thanks for everyone's help!

  10. You look so wonderful...not only your smaller size, but your countenance as well. I feel your happiness when I see your pics!!

    I wanna see you all dressed to kill! Hope your day is a fantastic success. :)

  11. Hi All,

    I had to close my blog, and set up a new one, because I was having so many troubles with it. Here's my new blog address...

    Hope to see you all at my "new" blog.




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