Thursday, December 1, 2011

14 Day Health Challenge, Day 1. This Accountability Rocks!

I met all of my goals today!  It's all due to this challenge and the support from all of you.  I have been floundering for the past few weeks.  Maybe floundering is too strong of a word here, but I haven't been my normal healthy self.  Sometimes I think we start to backslide and don't even realize it until it results in a marked change enough to grab our attention.  I know that's true for me.  I desperately needed something to bring me back in line with my health and wellness goals.  I've worked too hard to turn back now!

I've received lots of questions as to what this challenge means to me.  These are my daily goals for the next 14 days:
  1. No snacking after dinner.  
  2. No junk food.  I realize this is open to interpretation somewhat. For me if I can understand the ingredients and nothing is refined, I don't consider it junk.
  3. No gluten.
  4. No dairy.  
That's it.  Pretty simple.  Nothing to count or track.  I do plan to take pictures or keep a list of what I'm eating during the day to keep me accountable.  Now my goals may not be your goals.  Just decide on your daily goals, know that you can do it, and have the discipline to see it through.  

Today's meals:
Breakfast: strawberry Glutino bar & a prune

Snack:  Cranberry Almond Kind Bar
My buddy for the day & a healthy thumbs up from her
Lunch:  tuna with mustard, Yah's best, and rice vinegar with sugar snap peas and raw baby carrots

I had a couple of handfuls of these and Julia ate the rest.  Sugar snap peas only last a few minutes in our house.

Snack:  Trader Joe's Teriyaki Natural Turkey Jerky with grape tomatoes.  I had a little more jerky than what's in the pic ~  couldn't resist a little pre-picture snacking ;). Yum.
Before dinner took Ashleigh to a gymnastics photo shoot.  She's quite the poser.
pre-dinner snack: handful of peanuts
Dinner:  Chicken stir fry with broccoli, onions, mushrooms, carrots.  
Dessert: organic red seedless grapes
I was supposed to meet with my trainer today, but I'm sick again. Boo.  I may not feel like making it to the gym, but I did follow through on the 12 Days of Fitness Christmas Challenge by performing 100 jumping jacks.  I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow because I'm going to work in the Hardware Store tomorrow and Saturday.

Tell me:

How was day 1 of the Challenge?  Did you obtain your daily goals?

Goodnight friends, I'm falling asleep on my laptop.


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  1. HI Cat. I think writing out the rules is a great idea. I may copy that too! I had tuna salad for lunch yesterday too. I added light mayo though. I went to the ya's best website. What product of theirs did you add to the tuna? I think the rice vinegar would be good on it too. I always add alittle mustard as well. I'm glad you are feeling back on track. I am feeling that way too, but I know it doesn't take much to get back in a funk, so I like having the goals clearly stated in writing. Hugs from me to you!

  2. I love your daily goals! Good 'luck' on your 14 day challenge, too! Boy, I've got to get myself to Trader Joe's...

  3. Hi Cat, good luck with your goals. You can do it. If we set our mind to it we can do anything :-)



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