Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Pounds Lost, Before and Now Pics

This as well as the "30 lbs. lost" pic was taken last night. Not the greatest quality with my cell phone, but you get the idea.
I had the hardest time finding a before pic of me because I never wanted my picture taken.  Notice how I have my kids standing in front of me, blocking my body as much as possible. I was amazed to see the difference in my face and body in the before and now pic. Although still a work in progress, I like having my picture made now.

Love this song, "Just The Way You Are", by Bruno Mars, it reminds me of those in my life that have always told me I'm beautiful, no matter what my size was at the time.

I think we're all beautiful and need to believe it, O.K. sometimes I don't, but I'm working on it. We all need someone in our lives telling us we're beautiful.  If they don't, communicate the need to hear it. 

I think part of what motivates us along this health and wellness path is thinking we're beautiful and continuing to make efforts to improve our beauty, whether it's with healthy food, exercise, stress reduction, good sleep, etc.  I know when I hear, "you look beautiful today," it helps me make better choices for the day, because I want to improve myself, even the beauty aspect. 

As I said earlier I'm still a work in progress and have a long way to go, but I'm really enjoying this part of the journey, caring for myself, painting fingernails, wearing makeup more often, caring that my clothing fits properly and is attractive.  I like feeling pretty! It helps keep me on track. 

Tell me:

Does feeling pretty help you stay on plan?

Take care,


  1. You look great Cat, congrats on all your hard work. What is your goal weight? Have a wonderful Monday :)

  2. Wow Cat!! What a big difference in your pictures!!! proud of what you have accomplished! We are all works in progress. I too, used to do anything I could to "hide" behind others but truth of the matter is, I was kidding myself because you cant hide when you are that big, especially behind children! lol. You look great,....and are absolutely beautiful too!!! Keep up the good work!! Slowly but surely, we are getting there, one step at a time!
    Hugs to you Skinnie Minnie!

  3. Hi katie, My goal weight is 115, but it's not written in stone. If my body fat percentage is good I may stop before hitting that weight. Plus I may want to keep a little more of my fat if I start to look wrinkled. ;)

    Thanks Sherri <3 Sometimes it takes pictures to convince me how far I've come. Do you find that to be true. We are getting there one step at a time. ((hugs))

    Thanks for the comment luv.

  4. You look AMAZING!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!!!

  5. You are lovely Cat. How powerful to see your before's. I see a person who loves her family in the before pic. In the after I see someone who cares for themselves too. Those simple grooming things: our nails, taking care of our skin, a little make up, fixing our hair, etc. All represent some self care. I'm really proud of you! It helps me to remember I am and can lose 30 lbs. too. Thanks for sharing

  6. YES! Feeling pretty is definitely a motivator! Dressing better, liking what you see in the mirror, even if it's not at your 'goal' weight is super motivating! Way to go on your 30 pounds!

  7. Go Cat! and yes! Feeling pretty is an amazing motivator.There is nothing better than going into a store, picking something out because you actually LIKE it (not because it's the only thing that will fit you), and loving what you look like in it. Keep it going!

  8. You look amazing, Cat! I LOVE that Bruno Mars song, too!

  9. Cat your pictures are amazing. :-)

  10. Cat, what a big difference when you look at the before and after pictures!! I was just gathering up some of my "fat" pictures too and was thinking about posting some before & afters. Looking at the befores was really eye opening for me! I can't believe I let myself get that bad and at the time I didn't realize I was that bad. The pictures are a good motivator to keep going! Good job!!

  11. You look great! You should be very proud of yourself. 115 sounds like a really low weight? How tall are you?
    I'm confused by your doing the BFC but eating apples etc? Are you following Jorge's plan or did you modify it to work for you with fruit?
    Like I posted once, 30 lbs is a full toddler:) It's a lot of weight!

  12. Cat, your pictures show quite a difference. That must make you feel great. I did a post several months ago on my blog, called "pretty one more time". It was in reference to something Carrie Fisher said on a Jenny Craig commercial, about wanting to feel pretty one more time. I think that is the biggest thing about letting ourselves gain too much weight. At least for me, I didn't feel pretty any more. I didn't like the way I looked in photos. I'm working on changing that though. Hugs to you from me, and continued success

  13. Wow Cat your pictures are amazing. You can really tell a difference. You look great and should be so proud of yourself.

  14. Thanks for the comments everyone. You made my day <3

  15. It's amazing what a difference 30 lbs. makes. You look fantastic!



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