Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

This weeks favorite things:
Oh! So good!  I innitially tried this on Mary's Gone crackers, but would taste delicious on anything! Really, best almond butter creation ever! 
...baking cookies for friends and family 

...rocked it out at the gym in my Stay at Home Rock Star t-shirt.  Notice the  healthy after workout glow!

AN AWESOME DEAL!  When I was a single gal I used to think nothing of  buying something and not thinking twice about the price, like for this $300 leather jacket.  Now I shop around, use coupons, and look for this SUPER AWESOME FIND!   I don't have the nickname, QUEEN OF RESEARCH for nothing.  So after looking, and looking, and looking for a leather jacket, in retail stores as well as the internet, I found this jacket which retails for $300 on sale for $120!   Yay! The selling point for me, other than the price is the flattering fitted scuba silhouette with princess seams.  I ordered it from Kohls with no shipping charges, BTW.  Yay! Can you tell I'm excited?

...pretty nails. although not a huge fan of the color, a little too much sparkle, I do love the name of the color, Miss Independent by Opi. Reminded me of a favorite singer, Kelly Clarkson.  I think for fall, the next color will be something really dark.

Before I started this weight loss journey I would have never looked for a leather jacket or painted my nails.  I'd think why bother?  I never felt sexy or attractive.  Now, only 25 pounds later, I have more self confidence and love for myself than I ever thought possible at this stage in my life.  With 40 to 50 more pounds to lose I know I'll get there and loving myself is key.

What were your favorite things this week?  Do your favorite things change as unhealthy habits have diminished and greater health is achieved?  

Make sure to check back soon, as the next post came to me as a bit of an epiphany.  I believe I've figured out the secret to successful weight loss for me and everyone else as well.  While my research in this area is not  exhaustive, the weight loss successes I've spoken with concur.

Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Hi I love all you favorite things today. I was like you before and never did that stuff before I lost weight either. Now I paint my nails all the time.
      Have a great day :-)

    2. I always say, there are few things you can change instantly. Of course weight isn't one of them, but nails are. It always give me a boast when my nails look nice!

    3. HI Cat! I'm Carey and have been reading your blog and really enjoy it. I read most of the blogs that Rosalie follows, but can't comment on a few because they don't allow for anonymous comments. Anyhow, does it count that I have favorites from Saturday? LOL. I took my 14 yr old shopping today and we went to lunch and I ordered a hamburger protein style. The only time I messed up at lunch was when I allowed myself 1/4 cup of diet coke. I realized, after being on BFC for almost 6 mos, that it was disgustingly sweet :) Pretty good for a former diet coke addict.
      Also, I'm the pedicure Queen! Since I live in Calif and wear sandals year round, I always have to have cute toes :)Have a great weekend!

    4. It is sad how we dont treat ourselves when we are over weight but hey we have to reward ourselves after the hard work we put into weight loss right? I love the leather jacket and the nails.

    5. Love this idea! My favorite things RIGHT NOW are happily playing kids, my cup of coffee with cream, and the prospect of a lazy Sunday.

    6. Good for you for treating yourself that that slammin leather jacket & good for you for doing your nails! I used to get my nails overlayed & I loved the look but the upkeep got to be a bit much so I just do my nails myself. I do splurge on pedicures about every 6 weeks. They do a way better job than I could ever do!
      Bravo to you!!!
      Have a great weekend!!

    7. Okay - I NEED that shirt! Love it! And I'm a Justin's Maple Almond Butter addict! Expensive addiction, but worth it! Be careful - it's very easy to "accidentally" eat the entire jar. :)



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