Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm a Guest Blogger

If you've never checked out Living Lindsay, take a peak, she's fun, educational, and entertaining.  Some of you may know already that follow Cat's Belly Fat Cure on Facebook, I was a guest blogger on her site yesterday, but if you haven't seen it check it out and tell me what you think.

I still can't believe I posted a "fat" picture on the internet for the world to see, even though I like the "now" pic.  It feels strange and a little embarrassing to post something like that, but a good reminder at the same time not to go back to that person.   Thank you for the support and encouragement along the way, without it I'm not sure I would have had such good results.  I have the best blog friends ever!

Speaking of blog friends, I've had lots of questions lately as to my eating plan.  Is it The Belly Fat Cure?   Is it your version of The Belly Fat Cure?  Is it something else entirely? For the next post I'm planning to address all of the questions as well as my current eating philosophy.  Until then....

Have a happy, healthy day fellow wellness warriors!

Take care,


  1. There is a certain amount of bravery it takes to be out there/here. Having blogging buddies on this 'wellness' journey has been so helpful to me. Thanks Cat for sharing. I'm curious to hear about your 'eating philosophy'.
    I hope you'll have a good day.

  2. Hi Cat, I think the picture was great. We need to be honest about our weight loss journey for it to work.
    As far as the BFC, what you are doing is a nutritional plan that has worked for you. It is not the Belly Fat Cure! You eat many things that are not allowed on the Belly Fat Cure. That might be a bit confusing for the new people.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. You are braver than I would be. I don't even like to talk about how much I weigh! I can't believe sometimes that I weigh that much. But the scale proves it! Whatever you are doing, it is working for you. Keep it up!

  4. I feel that way everytime I post a "before" pic. But it just forces me to acknowledge how far I've come, even though I hate looking at them. But I tell myself that it's a different person in that picture and it really is. I'm not that girl anymore and the more you realize how far you've come, the more you will WANT to share those pictures. :)



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