Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Finally Did It!

This past Saturday I conquered my fear of Body Pump and now I'm in love.  Seriously, I almost started crying in the 1st few minutes of class.  There's something about working out with weights in a group setting and feeling part of something difficult to achieve that pushes me and lights a fire within.  That part of me, the drive to meet a goal, to push further, the place where discipline and emotion reside, is where the emotion originated.  The class was tough!  For a few moments I wondered if I was going to get through it, but I kept the weight at a challenging level and kept going.  What an empowered feeling when the class was completed!
Me after Body Pump

I tried another Les Mills class today, Sh'Bam.  I thought it was like zumba , but the instructor said no, it's very different.  Anyway it was almost all dance moves and super high energy.  A fun class?  Yes, but did it  ignite the passion within? No, not like Body Pump.  I definitely think I'll do it again.  In fact it would be fun to do Body Pump then Sh'bam.  I'm excited to try other Les Mills classes now, especially RPM and Body Combat.

On the weight loss front I maintained my weight for this Monday's weigh in. I thought that would be the case, especially with less exercise and more eating.  I'm back on track this week and hoping to break into the 150s for next weight in.

Tell me:

Do you go to Les Mills classes?  If so, which one is your favorite?

(courtesy of Positive Outlook)
I love this quote!  Are you following your passion and doing what you love?


  1. Maintenance is great for thanksgiving week! I don't generally take classes, sounds great though!

  2. Yeah for you Cat-keep up the good work!

  3. Good for you!
    I'm not at the place for BodyPump...YET. I'm heading there, though!

    My husband and I are actively working on the "do what you love" thing. The trick for me as having been a stay at home mom of 5 for the last 19 years is figuring out what I do love. I guess at 40, I'm finally "finding myself"...I think I like her. :)

  4. Hi Cat. I think I would love that class. I'll have to search around and see if there are any in this area. I tend to bulk up with weight lifting though, so I have to watch that I don't lift too heavy. I so prefer weights to cardio, but I know I need a variety. Good job! Hugs from me to you!

  5. GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!!! That is awesome & look how skinny you are looking these days!!! IT is paying off! I commend you on doing body pump. It scares me!! I cant do lunges becuase of my achilles tendonitis. IT really hurts if I do them & I want to tone up my upper thighs & I know that is the ticket to getting them toned up.
    Anyways, celebrate your victory in conquering body pump! Way to go!!!

  6. Awesome work! And which LM classes do I love...um, all of them! Great music and fantastic choreography!

  7. You know I don't do that, I am a bit too lazy. LOL.
    But I am very proud of you - keep it up. You look great !

  8. You are doing great! I need to get back into exercise period! The fire isn't burning in me right now:(
    I do love Zumba when I go!
    Drink tons of water!!!

  9. Kat, great job on trying those classes. I use to take the weight lifting classes all the time before my surgery and loved them. You are doing such a great job and you are looking great!

  10. How did I miss this!! Yay for you! So glad you liked Pump. I feel the same way about Sh'bam. It's fun, but not really my "thing". I don't feel like I get a great workout because I'm just not into it. I know you'll love combat. Did you join O2? I'm teaching combat this Saturday morning at Fuquay and will be teaching every Saturday starting January. If you ever feel like venturing out to Fuquay, come and take my class! :)



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