Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beach Bums

Good Morning!

Breakfast:  the usual...oats, peanut butter, raw apples, Sun Crystals, Super Seed

"look Mom, this is how I'm wearing my hair to the beach!"
 For lunch I had a chocolate chip cookie, well it was really snack.  Dinner was a char grilled Chick-fil-a sandwich with sauce.  It was so late we just hit the drive-thru and headed south.
Saw this in the backseat when we stopped for a pit stop, a.k.a. Snicker's break. ;)

I was SO SLEEPY on the drive down & this hit the spot!  I have ZERO guilt about it.  I do have treats & it's part of the plan! 

Packed these babies for the beach.  A girl's gotta feel pretty, right?  I wish I had packed my new shoes, would've looked cute with jeans for evening attire. 

Street scene from Myrtle Beach condo
The condo is small, but cute.  Just what Mom needs.  The people here seem nice too.  One of the security guys saw me parking my car across the street and came over with the golf cart to give me a ride back to the condo.  Now don't get me wrong it is Myrtle Beach & I heard a "cat call"  in the 5 minutes I was outside.  It's a wild & crazy place!

I'll sign off with a little funny.  The other day I heard Ashleigh singing, "Shout to the heart & you're to blame.  You give love a band-aid, band-aid."  So for your listening pleasure I've included that little ditty.

Gotta run! It's super late.  Have a great Thursday everyone.

Take care,


  1. Hey Cat, are you back at the beach? Hope you have a great time! PS: those lyrics your daughter was singing was so cute, it made me laugh!

  2. Hi Cat. I'm confused, I thought you were coming home from the beach?? Anyway, looks like you are having fun! Thanks so much for the kind words of encouragement you left on my blog. I really appreciate all of you lovely ladies! Enjoy yourself, wherever you are!!!

  3. Our last trip was our family vacation. This trip is to Myrtle to visit mom. she just moved here. My daughter goes to year round school & is tracked we've squeezed it all in.

  4. Well you all are really busy traveling. Have fun and the pictures are cute.

  5. So glad you girls made it down and safely. Mom is loving it I'm sure! Wish I could join you all! Set up mom with Facebook while you're there.
    That oatmeal looks so yummy.



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