Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sexy Mall Haul Y'all, Disclaimer: If you find Victoria's Secret Offensive Don't Read This Post.

This shirt feels REALLY NICE.  Physical touch is my love language, so I just love silky feeling material.
This skirt is that it has just enough spandex to stretch and move with you and it's not TOO short! (Sorry these pics are so small, became blurry when enlarged.)

matching jewelry purchased at Express.
Believe it our not, these shoes are SO COMFY and cute!  Purchased at Rack Room Shoes.  I don't feel like I'm gonna fall flat on my face either.  ;)
From the Gorgeous Collection, this matching pair has a nice shimmer to it.  Panties are really silky.  I don't like lacy bras and panties.  Gives me visions of Grandma's bras.  Give me shimmery, silky!  Just for trying on the bra, VS will give you free Gorgeous perfume spray. 
Both bras are the demi cup.  I tried the push up version...talk about CLEAVAGE!!!!! No thanks.  I'm just fine with my regular cleavage.
Bra can be worn 5 ways!  Notice cute little keyhole in the back.  I like that the ruching makes my butt look better than it would otherwise. ;)
Purchased the black/animal print trim matching set as well.  Can you say, impulse buy.  Now I don't know which to wear first?  Decisions.  Decisions.
Close up of the back.

I had a nice afternoon at the mall with my girls.  O.K., so the bribe, ahem reward worked fairly well.  It was a rather lengthy shopping trip (4 hours), so 2 rewards seemed appropriate, a cookie, and a purchase from Claire's .  Purchases from Claire's were glitter body spray and a Hello Kitty sequin mask.  Did I mention I bought them Icees too!  (hiding my face in shame ;)

I tried several less expensive stores than Express, but I just don't have a cheap clothes kind of body.  Really.  Ashleigh said we went to seven clothing stores, but I really don't think it was that many.  Julia was super excited to go to Express & kept looking for a train.  At Victoria's Secret Ashleigh tried on panties as well, extra small.  I wouldn't have been surprised if they had fit her. 

Now I can get all dressed up, but I need somewhere to go. LOL.

Tonight I'm celebrating my 20 pound weight loss.  A month ago I don't think I would have even been able to wear anything from Express.  I didn't see a size larger than 12 while I was there!  Now even my panties are too big.  I need to go back to VS to just buy panties.  Maybe I'll go back during the Angel Club sale in October.

Do you ever feel like your life is about to change and all you can do is hold on tight & enjoy the ride?  Well, I'm enjoying the ride.

Have a joyful and healthy Wednesday.

Bye gorgeous,


  1. A shopping spree is a lot of fun and it's a great reward for your twenty pound loss! Much better than a food treat don't you think? All your purchases are gorgeous!

  2. Hooray! I went shopping yesterday too! Now I have to take the pix to share what I got. :) I'm finally small enough to shop at VS. That is progress!! If I could make a SUPER BIG smiley face for that I would. Have a great day!!

  3. Great finds! Express is one of my FAVE stores - such great clothing and I love the jewelry! Congrats on the 20 pound weight loss!!

  4. All that stuff is very sexy. I have some shoes kind of like that - you have good taste.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. Thanks everyone. I normally don't shop that sexy. Just seems like the sexier I feel the healthier I become & it just feeds off each other.

    Dawn I would love to see your finds too.



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