Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sassy Sites Saturday

While vacation is drawing to a close, we are homeward bound tomorrow.  Yay!  I'm so excited to get back home, unpack, and back to our normal routine for a few days.  We've gotten so far off schedule it's not even funny.   We're not eating dinner until 7:30 or even 8:00 and the kids aren't going to bed till at least 10pm, tonight it was 11:30!  While I love my little net book, I'm so looking forward to getting back to my desk top!  My 8 year old won't even use it...she refers to it as a slow turtle. 

Yes I've had this almost everyday for breakfast and today was no exception.  It's super yummy!
 I didn't really eat lunch, well sorta.  My breakfast wasn't until almost noon, so that was my lunch.  I should have planned a substantial snack mid afternoon, so I wouldn't get famished, but I didn't.  I learned my lesson, because at 6pm when dinner was not close to being finished, I devoured about a half of a bag of Boy Scout cheese popcorn.  It's the junk food that gets me everytime and always when I'm too hungry!

Dinner was our traditional fish dinner, caught by my hubby!  I thought fried fish would cause enough damage to my waistline, so I paired it with a garden salad.
I'm starting something new, Sassy Sites Saturday.  Sometimes I just want to share cool websites I encounter during the week, but really never fit them into my daily blog.  I just thought of doing this today, but I did find 2 sites/posts I really like that seemed Sassy worthy!

This Weeks Sassy Sites  This site is quickly becoming one of my faves!  No registration required.  No large files to download.  Just right click on the icon you would like to use and save it to your computer.  My little "thumbs up" at the top of this post came from this site.  This is such a cute idea.  I love the "after" refrigerator.  It looks so organized, crisp, and clean.  In our household clutter accumulates quickly even on the frig.  When a family of 4 live in a 1300 square foot house, we run out of room to place things fairly quickly and our refrigerator seems to be the recipiant of lots of clutter.  My life is a constant decluttering battle, but that's a story for another day. 

What was your fave website find this week?  I'd love to hear.

I hope your enjoying your weekend.  Remember to make it a healthy, joyful one.

Take care,


  1. HI Cat, have a great rest of the weekend :-)

  2. Getting too hungry and then eating the wrong stuff was a problem I had in the beginning. I started leaving a jar of Macadamia nuts in the car so when I run errands and am late for lunch I have something to tide me over. I love your Sassy Sites Saturday name!

  3. Hey Kat, hope you had a wonderful vacation. The oatmeal and fish look yummy. I dont really have to many websites I go to often. I use to use sparkpeople but just did not have enough time in my day. Now just FB and blogger is pretty much it.



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