Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Today was a rainy day at the beach, which was O.K. with everyone in our family except our 8 year old.  She was pretty bored with whatever could be dreamed up for inside play.  The rest of the week's forecast doesn't look very promising, so tomorrow we're planning to go to the aquarium, which includes a ferry ride!  That will be a first for our kids.  Hopefully they'll love it!

Breakfast:  my favorite oatmeal:  old fashioned oats, peanut butter, apple, Sun Crystals

Lunch: 2 slices of pizza and tea with Sun Crystals

Dessert!:  Luna Pop chocolate fudge brownie
healthy snack time - peaches!
Dinner was leftover meatloaf for me, which I absolutely loved, paired with a garden salad (romaine, red bell pepper, cucumber, grape tomatoes, balsamic vinegar dressing).  The edges of the meatloaf were a little crispy from warming up in the oven...so yum! 

I noticed my pants were feeling too big, so I thought hey I'll just take a picture to document my journey. I may keep using these pants as a reference point.  These pants used to fit me perfectly.  Take a look now...

4 weeks + 1 day = 4 inches lost in the waist

I've worked hard, but have so much further to go, 57 pounds to be exact.  It's a very lofty goal at my age, but I know I can do it.

I haven't worked out as much as I would like this week, but hey I'm on vacation.  My husband had the idea tonight to do a stairs workout.  Tomorrow night it's me verses the stairs!  Pair that with a little body resistance work & I'm good to go.  Rocky workout here I come.  I've had some treats this week, but for the most part I've stuck with my healthy eating plan, which is what I'm going to do for life.  This is a lifestyle change after all, not a fad diet.

Oh, and we watched the best movie tonight, Just Go With It.  I love a good chic flick, but this one was really good and just hilarious!  I think it's the funniest Adam Sandler movie I've seen yet.  Here's the trailer:

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Be healthy.  Be strong.

Take care,


  1. Sorry to hear that your vacation has been a bit soggy. Our weather is sounding not so great these next few days too.
    Hope that your trip to the aquarium is fun. Enjoy the rest of your vac 7 way to go on those baggy pants!!!! Woo hooooo!!! Dont you just love it when that happens??!

  2. See, that's what I mean when I say sometimes the scale doesn't go down as fast as we'd like, but the clothes tell a different story. You are definitely doing well!

  3. Your vacation looks great, despite the rain. Blogger has been acting up for me too. Arggh!

  4. HI Cat, Great job on the big pants. Keep 1 pair of your favorite ones, that's what did.
    Have fun at the aquarium tomorrow. :-)

  5. I loved your pictures! Great job on the pants and the weight loss.
    Everything I use for make up and lotion is from clinique. I have used it so long and I either get deals on clinique.com or when they have the bonus in the stores. The samples help me to pick the things that I want to buy.
    I was a stay at home mom when my kids were little so I get the spending money. That is one of the benefits of getting older!
    My skin needs all the help it can get since I love to be in the sun!
    Have wonderful trip to the aquarium!

  6. Thanks for all of the comment love y'all! This is the kind of thing to tell friends & since you all are my friends I'll say it. Everytime I went to the bathroom today, when I went to pull my pants down, I didn't have to unzip or unbutton. That felt really cool. I just can't believe I'm finally starting to lose weight.



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