Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 4 update, 2 days early

Since we left for vacation today, I decided to go ahead and weighin today and count it as a week.  Then I'll restart Monday weighins when I return from the beach.  I love to weighin on Mondays because it helps keep me accountable on the weekend.  So in the last 5 days I lost..........1 pound, which I am SO HAPPY to report.  Yea! Woo-hoo! I'll take every little bit.

Tonight I did have some oh so not good for me snacks:  some boy scout caramel popcorn, then some peanuts.  I actually felt sick after the popcorn.  I learned my lesson.  I don't ever want any more.  After I ate it, I looked at the ingredients....these are the 1st three:  SUGAR, CORN SYRUP, DEXTROSE!!!! It's bad  enough to have sugar as a 1st ingredient, but to have it as the 1st three.  Geees.  Get this! The side of the bag says this:  Better flavor. Better for you.  What? I think they're on crack!  Then I had a few peanuts and felt better.  Since we were travelling, we had an early dinner and I became too hungry.  Anyway, my husband laughed like a sinister laugh cause I fell off the wagon.  Sometimes I think he wants me to fail.  I think because he eats a lot of junk, he wants me right there with him.  Any of y'all run into that with friends and family?

I'm going to put this behind me and not let it derail my healthy efforts.  My husband does support me and help with the kids so I can exercise, but sometimes makes fun of my not being able to do it at the same time.  So does he really support me?  Maybe. Maybe not? 

Bottom line....I'm celebrating my victory over the 1 pound and putting my bad snacking choice behind me.  I think I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and buy some yummy tea.  Which leads to my question of the day....

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  What's your favorite low or no sugar hot tea?  I love the cinnamon spicy ones.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Be healthy. Be strong.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Wow, good for you!! It sounds like you are on the right track, especially by getting the snacking under control. My new favorite tea is the Republic of Tea's Double Chocolate Mate! I use that with a little stevia and cream and it is SO DELICIOUS!! I even found it in a little organic health store the next town over so I didn't have to order it!

  2. HI Cat, I really like this chocolate tea I got at Cost Plus World Market, it not sweet so I use truvia with it. Great job on the 1lb.
    I used to have that problem with the Food Bullies that I always talk about in my blog. But now that they have seen me lose so much weight (88lbs) They leave me alone now and know I know what I am talking about.
    Have fun on ur va-ca. :-)

  3. Hi Cat, congrats on your 1lb weight loss. I really understand when family memebers push you to go ahead and eat somethings not so good for you. My husband and I both diet and when one of us is having a bad day we tempt each other with something not so good for each other and usually one of us cracks. As far as the tea goes I really like the tazo tea from starbucks refresh so tasty.

  4. Great job with the one pound, especially with the boy scout popcorn - that stuff is DANGEROUS! It has me gaining pounds and takes a week to get back to square one. Have fun on vacation!!



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