Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 2 Update!

In week 2 I've lost 5 pounds bringing my total weight loss to 16 pounds, just by changing what I eat and working out.  I think not eating any starchy foods at night is making a huge difference.  I don't eat that way every night, but almost every night.  Like one night this past week we had take out pizza & I did have 2 medium slices of cheese pizza with a few carrot sticks.  I really think I can maintain my current eating philosophy forever.  I just love working out too.  With 2 small kids at home it's an awesome way I'm reducing my stress level. Plus it has a most positive benefit of not hearing, "Momma, Momma."

On a personal note.  Had my annual checkup with my GYN today.  I think I'm interested in getting a Mirena IUD.  The most excellent side benefit is no menstrual flow!  How cool would that be.  Do any of you have one?  Like it?  Just wondering?  We're definitely done having kids & it works for 5 years.  I just really don't like the idea of going without anything and getting a SURPRISE.  Oh, and it's no estrogen, just progesterone.

I know my weight loss is going to slow down this week.  I'm just gonna try to concentrate on doing what I'm doing & I'll get there eventually!

I'm planning to do a workout routine this afternoon, maybe Netflix?  Do you have a favorite workout DVD?  If so, I'd love to hear & try it out, especially if I can find it on Netflix.

Hope your day is a joyful, healthy one.

Be healthy.  Be strong.



  1. Hi Cat, Great job on the 5lbs.
    I had a IUD many, many, many years ago. I got an infection real bad and they pulled it out. But I'm sure that it has improved a lot in 15 years.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Wow. That is a great weight loss for a week.Are you doing the BFC or have you put together your own plan. I agree the working out helps, however sometimes it increases my appetite when I do a long cardio session! Continued success!

  3. I really like Tracy Anderson's Method Mat, you just need a chair and a couple of 1-3 lb handweights, it's an hour long but it goes by quickly. Congrats on your weight loss :)

  4. Great job on the weight loss and for keeping with your exercise routine. I cant help you with the birth control....my husband is fixed. But I wish you luck.



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