Sunday, October 9, 2011

40 DAY CHALLENGE starts today!

Happy Monday to everyone.  I've decided to challenge myself to 40 days of healthy living leading up to my birthday.  By the end of the challenge my goal is to weigh in the 150s, which is a lofty goal, but I can do it!  Here's my daily goals:
  • eat clean 95% of the time
  • workout 5 days a week
  • asleep by midnight
  • declutter 15 minutes a day (while this goal seems like it doesn't fit, it actually does for me.  Trying to clean up all areas of my life .)
  • no eating after 8 PM.
Monday is officially day 1.  Is there a goal you would like to achieve over the next 40 days?  Just tell me your goal and we can do this together. 

I saw this commercial today at the gym.  I love how strong and empowered this lady looked...not to mention super fit!

Sunday workout:
  • 50 minutes on Precore (I was trying to see how long it took to burn 500 calories.  When I started working out about 6 weeks ago it took me at least an hour.)
  • FLEXIBILITY - 90-90 Hamstring Stretch
  • Standing Chest Stretch
  • CORE - Face Down Iso Ab with Straight Leg Raise (This one's tough!)  
  • Reverse Hyper
  • BALANCE - Cable Single Leg Left (I'm secretly in love with cables.)
  • RESISTANCE - (chest) Seated Chest Press
  • (shoulders) Seated Scaption:  1 arm (Didn't like this one much.)
The non cardio portion is what Dr. Oz's website set up for me.  I think I liked doing my own thing better, but I'm giving this a chance. The website came up with a 4 week plan for me, so I'm gonna see it through.  I'm hoping to learn some new techniques that I'll love.

My eating today was just O.K.:
  • BREAKFAST:  PB&J smoothie.  It was devine...will post the recipe when I have a chance.
  • LUNCH:  Taco Salad: no sour cream, no cheese.  Chicken, guacamole, lettuce, refried beans, tomatoes, salsa.  Just a few chips and some of the taco "bowl". Extra lettuce. Unsweetened tea sweetened with Sun Crystals.  I think I embarassed my hubby making all of those substitutions, but I'm the customer & need to be happy, right?  I used to never stand up for myself, but I am now. They brought me a whole extra plate of lettuce.  My kids really enjoyed it too!  They love lettuce!
  • DINNER:  Pretzels with hummus. Apple with peanut butter.  We were so full from lunch we didn't have a formal dinner. 
 That was my day.  See ya in the morning at weekly weigh in.

Take care,


    1. I sure wish I could devote myself to exercise like you!! I get tired just hearing about what you do!! Your goals sound very healthy though! You'll be in awesome shape at the end of your forty days!

    2. You are very dedicated and I'm sure you will do great after your 40 days. When I first started the BFC, I used to always explain myself why I was ordering weird, and hubby used to roll his eyes too. But now we both realize this is just my life now and no more eye rolling. LOL
      Have a great day :-)

    3. I still get grumbles about all my questions at the restaurant, too. I'm like, don't you like the new, thin me? Sheesh! I hope eventually he'll stop being embarrassed or harassed or whatever. Good luck for yours too!

      It's 51 days until my birthday. I will think about goals from here to there. hmmm..

    4. I know you are gonna make all your goals you are one determined lady. Your workout schedule is amazing. You are gonna have one rockin body when you are done. I had to laugh be in bed by midnight?



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