Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 Ways to Increase Metabolism

I've been on a Dr. Oz kick lately...this is my take on a resent series from After age 40 a woman loses 5% of muscle mass per decade,  so it's imperative to counter that with metabolism boosters.  These can be added to any weight loss plan.  How cool is that!

  1. Check metabolism rate.  Just go to to use the online calculator.  From here that number can be adjusted based on muscle mass and metabolism boosters.
  2. Cut 100 calories.  In a long term trial the best way for long term sustained weight loss was to cut 100 calories per day from your diet. 
  3. Add protein.  In order to digest protein your body burns twice as many calories when compared with carbohydrates.  For even more fat burning make the protein high in omega 3 fatty acids and increase fat burning enzymes. 
  4. Eat every 3 hours.  After waking up eat ASAP.  Boost metabolism by never being hungry.  The only catch, no eating after 8 PM!  While snacking include some monounsaturated fat to burn fat.  People who eat a 250 calorie snack 3 times per day will eat so much less at meal time they will lose weight.
  5. Drink 3 ice drinks per day.  It works by making the body rewarm.  Results in 1 pound of weight loss per year.
  6. Take zinc.  Leptin is a hunger hormone, it decreases hunger.  Leptin is dependent on zinc.  Most multivitamins contain a sufficient amount.
  7. Exercise in bursts. 
Dr. Oz also recommends several supplements to increase metabolism.  Check it out at 

While these ideas are not new to me, it was a good reminder of some things that have worked for me in the past, especially adding protein and eating every 3 hours.  I've noticed every time I overeat it was proceeded by a long period of not eating, then getting way too hungry.  My willpower is reduced to almost nothing if I get too hungry. 

A motivational tip that helps me as well is to picture myself with a trim, toned body.  It makes saying no to those chili cheese fries so much easier.  Are they worth putting me that much farther from my goals?  Umm, probably not.  Something else I've been doing lately is having a few tastes of an unhealthy food, enough to satisfy the craving, then stopping with that, totally satisfied.  It works.  Try it.

What would be different for you if you were at your dream weight?  For me, I'd feel sexy, empowered knowing if I did this I could do anything.  What do you think? 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Take care,


  1. Hi Cat, those are all great tips. I love Dr Oz. I do most of those. And I used to love Chili Cheese fries. My fav and I haven't had them since I started the BFC.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. the best thing about the BFC is that I really feel like Ive reset my metabolism somehow. Mine was so sluggish for so many years, but I feel right on target now!

    Oh and, I love chili cheese fries too! ;-)

  3. I think I do all those things already too, except maybe the eat every three hours. I also think I am the only one that does not know what chili cheese fries are - I had to look them up. Now that I've seen them I'm thinking maybe it was better not to know, lol!

  4. Thks for the comment luv y'all. Beth you're funny.

  5. Good tips, I'm making two mistakes just now with not eating until around 11am and not drinking enough water.



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