Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 8 update & State Fair

I'm getting ready for bed, but wanted to make a quick update. Officially my weight was down 1 pound.  I was disappointed, but in retrospect it was probably warranted.  For several days last week I was out of town on business and either skipped lunch all together or grabbed a burger.  If I had brought food with me, I would have eaten much healthier.  As far as exercise, I worked out 3 times, which was less than my normal 5 times.  I can tell this week that my fitness level decreased just from missing a few workouts.  Something I didn't expect.

I had a great workout tonight...muscles are already sore!  I've never seen more people than were in the gym tonight.  The State Fair is in town and I think either folks were trying to work off calories already consumed or getting ready to consume.  We're taking the kids out of school tomorrow to attend the fair, so I'll be surrounded by deep fried everything!  I was telling my husband tonight, I think I picked the wrong week to go dairy and gluten free.  But then again, that cuts out most of the junk food!  It's only been one day, but I already feel better!  Here's my healthy haul from Whole Foods today:

I made it the whole day dairy and gluten free.  Tomorrow will test me. The funnel cakes will call my name.  I must just take in the smells and ignore them!  I can do it.

Gotta go!  I'm sitting here, falling asleep like Grandpa. ;)

Oh, I almost forgot!  I started today tracking my body fat percentage as well, as shown on my bathroom scales.  Today it was 40% - awful, I know, but 8 weeks ago it was at least 45%.  

Take care,


    1. Hi Cat. I posted a comment when I was trying to catch up on blogs using the google reader. It said it won't be made public, so I hope you see it. I love using that reader because it keeps all the blogs in a nice ocndensed spot. The comment part is confusing me though. Anyway, hope all is going well and you have a great time at the fair!

    2. HI Cat,
      1 lb is great and is better than gaining. I love those Marys gone crackers.
      Have a great day :-)

    3. I love funnel cakes too - hope you can resist. Have fun at the fair!



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