Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween candy, oh my!

Since inheriting my father's hardware store I've spent lots of time in Warrenton, a pretty little town filled with lots of nice people, who have nothing but kind things to say about Dad.  I even received a hug today.  Townsfolk are genuinely saddened by my father's passing as well as the closing of his business.  


Looking back at my weight loss history I've noticed my plateau started about the time I started working and making trips to Warrenton.  I think at least 90% of the reason for this is not less exercise, but poor food choices because I wait too long to eat, get too hungry, and lose self control.  I'm not planning meals most of the time or having ENOUGH healthy food choices on hand.  Anyway, I have made better food choices this week and as of this morning my weight is 4 pounds down and I really want to maintain that through weigh in on Monday.  Today it occurred to me I've broken through this plateau (woo-hoo, yay) , IF I DON'T MESS UP!  I will erode some of that loss if I eat for the rest of the weekend the way I ate tonight.  Put it this way, Halloween candy was involved.       

For the remainder of the weekend I am going to:
  • not eat anymore Halloween candy (because I've already treated myself)
  • forgive myself - no ones perfect
  • make sure healthy choices are readily available
  • workout once this weekend.
  • no eating after 8pm
  • drink lots of water
  • stick with dairy/gluten free
  • taper off starch towards evening
  • last, but definitely not least LOVE MYSELF ENOUGH TO TREAT MY BODY LIKE A TEMPLE. 
Daily Inspiration:

Thank you for all of the kind, generous comments lately.  Some of them I've thought...are you really talking about me?  Like when you walk in a room and a stranger smiles and you think they couldn't possible be looking at me like that, so you glance behind you and no ones there. Your comments have been such a blessing & kept me on track.      

I've learned this journey is a constant process of falling and getting back up.  Before I would fall and not get up for a long time.  Now I'm learning to stand back up, all while forgiving myself in the process.  Herein lies my current and future success.

Thanks for reading...sometimes I just start typing not knowing where the post is going, but always learning along the way.

Have an awesome, healthy weekend.

Take care,


    1. Beautiful pictures! Good luck with the weekend, and with your weigh in.

    2. WhaaaHoooo for 4 lbs!!!!

      We seem to be frequently on the same page! All of your goals for the weekend are great. I especially like the "forgive yourself" important to remember to do that. You've inspired me to go take a walk; the rain has cleared and it won't happen tomorrow that's for sure.

      The pics of your small town are wonderful! That is where I want to where is it? lol

    3. Love the pics you shared, and your goals/plan for the rest of the weekend are awesome. Keep up the good work :)

    4. Great photos Cat. What a wonderful store your Dad had. I would have like to have seen it. Congrats on the 4 lbs. You are right we have to treat ourselves as kindly as we would others. Charity begins at home! Hugs to you. Step away from the candy!!!LOL!!!I'm lucky, I don't have any kids at home, and I'll be at work this Halloween, so I might not even buy any candy!

    5. All the pictures are great! I like how you posted goals that are doable and not over the top.
      Have a good weekend and no more candy :-)

    6. What a beautiful post Cat! You know, we arent perfect are we? We all have our days, and sometimes weeks that nothing is happening on the scale & as frustrating as that can be, it is all part of the process. I too am remembering to forgive myself when I mess up & move forward. I used to have all or nothing thinking & that was never a good recipe for success.
      Have hubby lock up the halloween candy & tell your girls to hide theirs or lock it up & dole it out a pieve at a time. I bought skittles & starburst this year (yuck)so thank goodness, no major temptation there. My ww leader said to buy simething you dont like so those 2 choices won, even tho on occasion I have been known to eat them, they arent my favs & I can pass them up now without a problem.
      Your pics are great! Thanks for sharing them with us.
      Have a great weekend!

    7. Cat, sorry to hear of your dad's passing. I know how difficult it is to lose a loved one. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures with us. I love seeing and hearing about everyone's lives good or bad. Congrats on the 4lb loss.



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