Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bodyrock It Out!

I didn't have time on this busy Sunday afternoon to go to the gym for cardio and strength, so I improvised at home by walking/running outside for 30 minutes.  Our neighborhood is rather hilly, so it can be a pretty intense workout.  Then tonight after the kids were in bed I did a workout from, called Hot Fit & Tight workout.  It was super intense.

While I was working out doing reverse crunches under the sofa table, my husband came in & made me laugh so hard I just collapsed on the floor.  Just picture it...I was under the sofa table holding on to the sides, my knees bent at 90 degrees.  I was pulling myself up to the table and back down, up & down.  Well he came in & said, "what the hell are you doing?  Let me go get the video camera & record, the night my wife made love to the soft table!"   Ha. Ha.  I just fell in the floor, couldn't even finish the set.  After I finished I showed him this video...his response, "she needs a spanking."  Men. Gees.

These were my workout stat totals:

  • Dynamic Squats - 137
  • Reverse Pull Ups (modified)- 121
  • Dive Bomber (modified) - 43
  • Prisoner Get Ups - 20
This workout totally kicked my butt....I totally recommend it!  After the workout & stretching, the Black Eyed Peas song, "Just Can't Get Enough" was playing, so I burst into dance.  My husband just shook his head & laughed.  It would be so boring not to laugh & have fun along the way, right? I liked it so much I think I'm gonna incorporate dancing to one song per really lifted my mood.  

I was determined to get a full workout in today, even if it was disjointed.  Getting fit can be done if you want it bad enough.  Just have the WILL to do it.  One of my health goals this weekend was to fit in a complete workout, so not exercising wasn't an option.  

My nutrition was pretty good today.  We went to Quiznos for lunch & I forgot about not eating gluten until I was about a quarter of the way done eat my sandwich.  At least I ordered it no cheese.  I paid the price later though.  Then for dinner, I stuck with steak and steamed broccoli, very yummy.  I haven't eaten anything since, even though I'm hungry.  I just keep drinking lots of water.  I'm really hoping for a 4 pound weight loss, but the sodium today, may have changed that outcome.  

Did you workout today?  What did you do?  Inspire me.

Have a wonderful, healthy Monday.

Take care,


    1. Tooooo funny!

      Dancing is GREAT exercise...and great fun. My little ones l;ove it when I turn on the 80's channel on Music Choice and dance around the living room. My teenagers....not so much. LOL

      I got my walk/jog in Saturday since Hubs had to go in to the shop for a couple hours. Sunday, was couch potato day though. We REALLY needed some rest and it was wonderful. :)

    2. Cat, I've got to hand it to you with the exercise - you are one motivated individual!! Your husband's comments made me laugh! I'm sure you'll have a good loss this week!
      Have a Happy Halloween with your girls!

    3. way to go getting in your exercise - that's something that's gone to the wayside for me right now. *sigh* Happy Halloween, and good luck for your weigh in!

    4. That workout sounds great. I like to mix it up too. It has to be early in the day for me though, or I lose motivation!

    5. Cat, I sure wish my body looked like that girl on the video....and your husband sounds a lot like mine but that could just be the man gene. Great job on the working out, I need to get more of that into my daily activities.



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