Monday, October 3, 2011


....lost this week!  Since I was out of town most of the week I had no idea what I weighed.  Needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised to learn I lost 3 POUNDS, yea! Happy dance!  I had treats, but was very mindful of portion sizes and tried to limit starches and snacks at night.  I also tried to bulk up meals with as many vegetables as possible. 

Fast forward to this week....PMS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!  I have STRONG  cravings for anything fluffy, refined, sugar filled, fruity and or chocolate.  O.K., this is how bad it is...please don't judge.  Tonight I made my 8 year old eat the rest of the leftover donuts from our beach trip, just so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I MADE MY CHILD EAT DONUTS!  I had several treats today I don't want to discuss.  I'll jump right back up on the wagon, would you circle back and pick me up please?  Thanks so much!

The old me would have thrown in the towel, and eaten every treat in site because I would start "over" tomorrow morning or on Monday or whenever.  I would think of every "cheat" I could eat that wouldn't be allowed on the latest and greatest diet craze. Just quiz me...I know the ins and outs of almost every diet on the market.  I "owed" it to myself to have ALL of these treats now because I wouldn't be able to have them on my new diet.  I can't tell you how many times I've eaten cinnamon sugar toast, loaded, and I mean LOADED with sugar and a TON of butter.  REALLY.

The new me isn't perfect by far, but & here's the EPIPHANY!  Are you ready?  Now when I fall off the wagon I don't overdue it.  I stop myself at a reasonable portion.  Still working on the not feeling guilty part.  I have an awesome friend who's helping me with those feelings.  Then I jump right back on my healthy lifestyle.   

I love this quote from Scot Ferrell , (I may be paraphrasing). "Don't end up trading what you want for what you want right now." 

Now I'm still stuck with PMS and these CRAZY CRAVINGS!  I think I feel another experiment in the making....  Tomorrow when I have a sweet craving I'm just gonna grab a piece of whole fruit.  If I still have a craving, I'll try some dark chocolate, 70%.  I wonder if the fruit will help with bloating as well?

See y'all tomorrow.

Have a happy, healthy Tuesday.

Take care,


  1. Congrats on your weight loss and kudos on not eating everything in sight while pmsing. Did you not just throw the donuts away because you felt guilty about wasting food?
    (Not asked in a judgemental way, just curious)

  2. Wow, 3 lbs, that's amazing! Great job. Glad you are back on the wagon. That is key. I was like you and would throw in the towel and start on the next Monday, 1st of the month, whatever was closer. Now at least I get back on track at the very least the next day. That's progress right? Continued success! Hugs to you!

  3. I REALLY like that quote, whether you paraphrased it or not! I like that you got right back on track after a little lapse - it shows how serious you are this time!

  4. You are doing great, a 3lb loss is fantastic. When I was on my monthly before BFC, I always said a snickers bar and diet coke would cure anything. I really thought they made me feel better. I know better now and don't do that anymore. I know it sounds weird - but you probably did the right thing making him eat the donuts. LOL - have a great day. :-)

  5. I've done that. At least I have three growing boys and a hubby to spread the wealth around to. LOL. Great job on the 3 pounds!

  6. Congrats on th weight loss and hey no judgments here. We are here to support each other and believe me we have all been in your shoes one way or another. Hey and you got back on the wagon it took me a couple of months after my surgery to finally get my butt back into gear.



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