Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Pumpkin"y" Good Time & so much more than weight loss

This weekend we had a pumpkin"y" good time.  Saturday we road the Pumpkin Express, shot pumpkins with a slingshot, painted pumpkins, had pumpkins painted on us, and so much more.

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Before losing weight I would take the kids places and watch them have fun.  Well on Saturday I had fun too.  I road a pumpkin train.  I used a slingshot to shoot pumpkins at various targets & yes I scored.  Even won a popcorn ball and a toy lizard. Ha.  I bungee jumped and was brave enough to do a BACK FLIP.  Now I'm not saying it was the best back flip ever, but hey I did it!  I've only lost 23 pounds so far, but I can definitely say I'm not the same person I was 8 weeks ago when I became serious about changing my life.

Today I ended the day in a very pumpkin way as well....with the help of Goodberry's.  Honestly one of the best desserts I've ever had...pumpkin frozen custard, caramel, pecans.  Now I absolutely love pumpkin ANYTHING & this was to die for! Really. It was that good.  I know most of my subscribers are on a low sugar plan, but if you have a friend that's not just go with them and have a couple of bites.  While it was soooooo delicious, my body reacted horribly to it.  It is clear my body is screaming out, NO DAIRY, PLEASE!  I won't go into any details, just trust me on this one.  Another ingredient my body is not too keen about is gluten.  While my body is not screaming out about it like dairy, I don't think it's good for me to say the least.  So starting tomorrow I'm doing a little gluten free/ dairy free experiment to see how much better I'll feel without them in my life. 

Now that I've had a super caloric dessert, I'm hoping my workout today helped counteract some of those calories.  I usually try to end strong right before a weigh in....I did right up to the Goodberry's treat.  I'll get right back on track.  

Daily Inspiration:
"I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacation with better care than they do their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change." - Jim Rohn
I will stick to my plan this week.  I have to.  There is no try.
See ya after weigh in.  I think I'm gonna start tracking body fat percentage as well, even though all I have is my scale.  At least I'd like to see a downward trend.
Have a healthy Monday.
Take care,


    1. I really enjoy reading your blog-- there is something so "real" about you. I don't feel like I'm reading about someone who is trying hard to be something they arent, just someone who has a goal in mind and is honest about their journey.

      Anyway, good luck with the dairy/gluten elimination kick! I'm sure you will notice a difference. My body is not very tolerable of wheat and when I kicked it out a little while ago, I saw immediate results!

    2. Cat I'm interested to see what you come up with on your dairy/gluten free experiment. I love your scrapbook video at the top of your blog! It looked and sounded like the perfect day!

    3. Me too! I've never tried to go all dairy free. I wonder what I would find? Pumpkin stuff is so great! My middle son's birthday is Halloween, so pumpkins remind me of him. Sounds like you had a great time!

    4. It sounds like you all really had fun. I am not sure why the past year or so I keep hearing "gluten free". Why all of a sudden is that so important? I understand for the people who cannot tolerate it in their system.
      I just don't get it.
      Well have a great day :-)

    5. As we age we lose our digestive enzymes for dairy, maybe giving up dairy would help you feel better, kudos for being willing to give it a shot. And maybe you are gluten sensitive and avoiding it will help, I think it's worth a try.



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