Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I've been reflecting on the song, Lighters, featuring Bruno Mars. The lyrics have really spoken to me:

"This one's for you and me
living out our dreams
we're all right where we should be...."

We are ALL right where we should be...right in this journey where we should be.  I should have this difficulty, opposition, negativity that I'm facing.  It is right where I should be 'cause you know what?  It's shaping me into the person God wants me to be.  Period. 

"You and I know what it's like
to be kicked down
forced to fight.
But tonight we're alright
so hold up your light
let it shine!"

This "fight" is shaping, molding me...I'm not the same person as I was 2 months ago.  Not only have I seen weight loss, but the personal change has permeated every aspect of my life.  Some people in my life don't like the "new" me because it's thrown them out of their comfort zone.  I was an overweight stay-at-home mom, O.K., still overweight, but working on it.  Now I have a nutrition plan, exercise plan, that I developed and am implementing quite successfully.  I've inherited a business that's requiring me to stretch outside of my comfort zone.  My life is changing quickly...I can feel it.  I'm dealing with a lot of negativity in my life from others...I've been "kicked down, forced to fight."  But I'm letting the positive shine, by showing discipline in sticking with my plan, by the way I'm conducting business in my corporation, and in the way I'm treating family and friends.  I've enjoyed myself more as well, relaxed a bit, had fun. 

How has your life changed since starting a weight loss journey?  Did you lose friends?  Change jobs?  I'd love to hear. 

Daily inspiration:

Thanks for reading, y'all.  Have a great Thursday.

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    1. I love your determination!! You are doing it! You've got a pland, and you are working that plan. I may not know you personally, but it sounds as though you ARE being shaped into His image. What could vbe better than that?
      I've been chewing on this idea of being where I'm supposed to be. It's a new way of thinking for me (a loooong story of religion/bondage). I, too, have been shaped in some of the difficult times of life. You've enlightened me to see THIS journey the same way!
      Thank you.

    2. How true this is! As much as we would all like it, it would be a dream come true to lose the weight overnight, but until you know firsthand the feelings that come along with the weight loss journey (wt gain, feeling discouraged when it doesnt come off fast enough or the cale isnt your friend & shows little to no loss or a gain, etc)you cant fully appreciate how far you have come. I have been losing at what seems to be a trickle, but its all a part of the journey & whether I like it or not, it is EXACTLY where God wants me to be! Its always in HIS TIME. I believe it will help me when I become a WW leader to help others who are struggling because I have lived it myself.
      THanks for a great post & continue to surround yourself with those who lift you up (your blogger buddies!) and steer clear of those who drag you down. You are like the 5 people you hang with, so pick your friends wisely! :)We are all here for you, and each other & I appreciate & cherish all of my online friends that I have "met" through this weight loss journey. When I have been down, you have all come to my rescue to life me back up.
      Have a great day girl! You are on your way & doing great!! Proud of you!!!!

    3. Cat - Im really inspired by music too. I havent heard this song, but I have a few other's of his. I have met so many great friends on the BFC, but honestly I also lost a best friend. When someone cant see you happy and healthy, that isnt good. Its very sad, but its life.

    4. Hi Cat, what a great post today :-)

    5. Hello Cat...I can finally post. Thank you for being such a kind and constant support to me and others.



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