Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Healthy Day at the state fair?

Rockin' it out with the kids ;)

This pic looks very Vanna White"ish".  Roasted corn...yummmm.

Krispy Kreme doughnut burgers and funnel cakes...maybe a clue as to why we are fat.

Everyone eats lunch, but me.  Couldn't find any reasonable healthy food nearby.  

Julia & Daddy on the Flying Bobs

Julia was afraid she'd get on a scary ride and just "freak out"!

Before starting this healthy journey I would have NEVER posted pictures of myself.  Trust me.  Just check out facebook.  Sometimes these non scale victories sneak up on me, but always feel great!

on the ferris wheel

My lunch/dinner, chicken on a stick with fried rice

fried oreos

funnel cake, I think it was a hit.  

250 pound watermelon

522 pound pumpkin

Interview with Julia after riding The Flying Bobs (her 1st grown up amusement park ride).

I consider this day a success.  I didn't consume the funnel cake or fried oreos.  Yea! Not even a taste.  I didn't want to mess up my dairy free, gluten free experiment.  Of course there could have been some hidden somewhere...just didn't want to knowingly consume any.

I think a fun day was had by all.

Do you try to eat healthy at the fair or throw caution to the wind and eat lots of treats?

Have a healthy Wednesday.

Take care,


    1. It sure does look like you all had fun at the Fair. And you look great in pictures.
      Have a great day :-)

    2. Great job! I eat as healthy as possible. Every success is worth the 'sacrifice'

    3. Looks like such a fun day at the fair! Kudos to you for passing up the yummy funnel cake! Your daughters are just adorable!!!

    4. Thanks everyone! Dawn I love that, "Every success is worth the 'sacrifice' ". So cool.

    5. Looks like you had a great and successful day at the fair. I know when we have gone to the fair all you smell is all the junk food and sometimes it can be hard to pass it up. Such a great victory!

    6. Looks like a fun day with the family. Boy there were sure alot of temptations there. Good job on not giving in to them!

    7. I can smell the funnel cake from your pictures and it smells amazing. Haha :) I never crave it or anything, but when you smell it and don't want/can't eat it, it's torture! So good for you for resisting it. People always make the state fair about the food, but it doesn't have to be and you showed that. :)



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