Thursday, October 6, 2011

MILLION Dollar You!

Wanna win a million dollars?!  Seriously.  Just join Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You Challenge!  Someone's gonna win & it might be you.  In my blogging absence I've spent some time perusing the site and setting up my account.  Just complete seven healthy steps to qualify to win.  Dr. Oz has assembled a remarkable staff of nutritionists, trainers, and other experts as well.  A Facebook(like) community is there for support.  They take your goals into account and develop a plan to get there with nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, etc.  Pose questions to the experts!  They'll even tell you if your goals during a certain timeframe are unattainable, as in the case with mine.
I guess losing 52 pounds in 25 weeks is unlikely.  Here's the link for more information or to sign up.

After looking at my calorie goals for the day (only 1266), I know now why it's so hard for me to lose weight! I also LOVE my individual exercise plan.  You input current fitness level, how long & often your willing to work out & it develops the plan for you.  It's so cool.  I'm planning to work out today! Yea!  This is my exercise plan for the day, plus cardio.

Check back tomorrow when I talk about 7 cool ways to boost metabolism.

Have a healthy day.

Take care,


  1. I am sure a lot of of us could use that money. I saw that on his show a week or so ago and thought about giving it a try.

  2. Yeah I saw that before but I'm too late. HAHA.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Awesome! Looking forward to tomorrow's post! :)

  4. I am also looking forward to reading your post about ways to boost your metabolism. I can always use that!

  5. I joined Dr Oz's site too. WW is a sponsor & they also are encouraging us to do it. I have to lose 17# by May which is 10% of my body weight. I know that is totally do able.
    TOgether, we are "on this" and gonna do it this time Cat!
    Have a great weekend!



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